Suvremeni energetski sustavi. 

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For more than 50 years, Sharp’s efforts in research and development have led to groundbreaking solar solutions. As a maker of products that consume power, we’ve always believed we should create power, too. It’s all part of our Eco-Positive mission to brighten the lives of people around the world.

The world has always experienced tornados, heatwaves and floods, but the number of these natural catastrophes is rising dramatically. In the past 150 years, and especially during the last decade, the frequency of such disturbing news has increased. Scientists have now confirmed what everybody suspected: mankind has had a negative impact on climate change. The gloomy prospects contained in the UN climate report are equally shocking. Nevertheless, the study also details how the threatening catastrophe can be avoided. The best way to save the environment would be to increase the use of renewable energies, primarily solar energy. However, we must act quickly. If not, the CO2 concentration and the rise in temperatures associated with it will have irreversible effects in around ten years’ time.

Each and every one of us can do something to protect the Earth from environmental damage. Thanks to the energy it provides, the sun gives us the opportunity to maintain and improve quality of life on Earth. We should use this gift gratefully as an alternative to coal, gas, oil and atomic power.

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